Analog Software

NOTIFIER-59 Model: TGP-ID3000

Additional License of Graphics Program for Central Id3000. It allows the connection of a central.

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  • Program extension license for the graphic management of ID-3000 exchanges from 2 to 8 TGP-ID3000 analog loops, for the control of an additional control unit within the TG-XXX base program or main control post.
  • It allows you to reset, silence sirens, cancel / enable points and zones, know the location and status of the equipment in the different planes of an installation, import the description of the equipment of the control panel and create a maintenance file with the analog value of the sensors.
  • For the management of additional exchanges, as many expansion software licenses as control panels TGP-ID3000 are required. (TG version rv 7, xx or higher)
  • In the event that the extension of the new ID3000 exchange is connected, or an extension over an existing ID2net network of existing ID3000 exchanges, it is not necessary to connect to the RS232
  • Serial port of the ID3000 exchange.
  • For independent connections of exchanges via IP, it will be connected to the isolated RS232 serial port ISO-RS232 (020-478) of the ID3000 analogue exchange and with the possibility of sending data via IP via TG-IP-1 redirector to send the information to any point where the graphic management PC with access to Ethernet (IP) network is located.


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