Spectra SP / Magellan accessories and modules

PAR-115 Model: AWO003

High quality small box for MG5000, MG5050, SP4000, SP5500 and SP6000

- High quality small box for Magellan circuits PAR-30 (PCBMG5000), PAR-7 (PCBMG5050) and Spectra Plus™ PAR-12 (PCBSP4000), PAR-16 (PCBSP5500) y PAR-31 (PCBSP6000)
- Stoved epoxy finish, color white
- Mounting holes with wall separators
- Cable entry protected network
- Door hinge detachable with Earth connection
- 2 sabotage microswitches, door and wall
- Closure prepared to lock screws
- Power transformer included and installed with ABS protection  and fuse
- 230V 200 mA input
- 16V AC / 1.2A, 18V AC/1A output
- 7Ah battery
- Compatible with central + expanders modules
- Dimensions: 250 x 250 x 80 mm
- EN50131 standard


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