Spectra SP / Hybrid Magellan keyboards

PAR-129L Model: TM50-BL+SOL

Grade 3 touchscreen keyboard with integrated temperature & humidity sensors and blueprint license included. Black color


- User interface based on icons and menu warnings (touchscreen)
- 5” color touchscreen (10,9 cm)
- Compatible with EVO V2.16 or superior
- Up to 32 floor plans supported (license plan included)
- Programmable tags: zones, areas, users and PGM output
- Control up to 8 PGM outputs 
- External SD card slot to upload customized pictures to use them in digital frame function and firmware update
- 1 input of temperature zone/sensor
- Device connection or TEMP07 (External temperature sensor)
- Customized translation via web app
- Cleaning mode: screen blocked for an easy cleaning
- Black color
- EN50131 Grade 3 regulation


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