Kits de verificación de vídeo

PAR-250 Model: PAR-250

Kit composed by: 1x PCBEVO192 8 to 192 zones central; 1x big metal box with transformer; 1x PIR WiFi 720P with audio camera; 1x LCD keyboard (2 partitions); 1x IP communication module (Swan).

Kit composed by:

1x PAR-10 central (PCBEVO192): 8 zone central (16 with ATZ), expandable to 192. 
1x PAR-116 metal box: High quality big metal box with transformer. 7Ah battery capacity.
1x PAR-200 PIR camera (HD78F): PIR WiFi 720P and audio camera.
1x PAR-9N keyboard (K641): LCD keyboard. PGM output.
1x PAR-21N IP communicator (IP150_4V): IP communication module (Swan).


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