Magellan™ elements and systems via radio

PAR-287 Model: WD1

2 way wireless flood detector. Selectable dual frequency: 433MHz / 868MHz. Status and battery monitoring. IP67. Powered by AA alcaline battery




2 way wireless flood detector designed to activate an alarm when in contact with water, minimizing several damaging risk by leaks and floodings. 2 way device, providing an additional safety level and guarantees communication with panel, specially during detection, being received and recognized by the system. Its design to be installed in a fixed or mobile way.



  • Wireless flood detector
  • 2 way 
  • Selectable dual frequency: 433MHz / 868MHz
  • Status and battery monitoring
  • IP67
  • Powered by AA alkaline battery
  • 3 year battery life
  • Dimensions: 83,5 (Al) x 88,7 (An) x 22,9 (Prof) mm


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