Commpact Magellan™ Grade 2 central

PAR-62A Model: K37

LCD keypad 2 way via radio

- Two-way radio LCD keypad
- Display of messages and fixed icons that serve as guide in the operation of the system
- Includes PAR-73 (PA6) power supply and 2 AA alkaline batteries
- 8 function keys
- 3 keypad panic alarms
- Resumes after 20 seconds to save battery, but remains in sync with the control panel to activate automatically when initiating the input delay
- StayD status LED
- Displays the following states: arming, night, home and standby by partition
- Power supply is not necessary but can be used as an alternative power supply
- Compatible with PAR-96 (MG5000), PAR-100 (MG5050), PAR-40 (MG6250) and PAR-22 (RTX3)


Jose 2/3/2017 8:43:27 AM
Apreciado cliente, los teclados para las centrales Magellan que estan certificados son los modelos: PAR-129L, PAR-29L, PAR-6N y PAR-32N
Jose 2/2/2017 6:10:05 PM
Buenas tardes, el teclado es grado 2?

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