Double technology

PYRO-9N Model: DS-PD2-D15AME

HIKVISION detector of double technology with antimasking. 15/18/30 m range, 85°/20°/20°. Zero angle. Triple microwave frequency . EN50131 Grade 3.



Double technology
Double technology improves reliability of detectors. For an alarm condition, both PIR technology and microwave have to be activated, which increases the stability in the adverse.

Blue Wave Technology
Protection against false alarms and improves inmunity against interferences thanks to an advanced signal processing and 3D lens.

Digital temperature compensation
Digital temperature compensation adjusts digitally the detectors sensibility of detectors to maintain its interval of detection when temperature is closed to human body temperature.

Adjustable antimasking technology offers an unique protection against masking attemps to PIR or microwaves sensor, detecting if they're blocked by materials such as cardboard, spray, aluminum paper, etc.

Antilock technology
Attempts to block the field of vision are detected. This allows the detector to send a signal to the panel to report that the detection area is being blocked and has to be removed before configuring the system.Umbrales variables independientes.

Independent variable thresholds
IFT technology (independent variable thresholds) ensures that alarm thresholds always remain within predetermined limits, which eliminates environmental disturbances.

Automatic sensibility
The detector is able to adapt automatically to changing environmental conditions and ensure stability and maintains detection performance against intruders

Double RFL
Double end-of-line resistors reduce installation time. The range of values ​​covers most systems.

Different microwave frequencies
It avoids the interferences that can occur when the detectors with microwave modules are installed next to each other. This optimizes the stability of the detector.



  • HIKVISION detector of double technology with active antimasking
  • Wide lens coverage of 15 meters, 85° (60 detection beams and 7 planes) at 2,4 m height
  • Vertical courtain lens with coverage of 18 meters, 20° (24 detection beams and 6 planes) at 4 meter height
  • Long range lens with coverage of 30 meters, 20° (46 detection beams and 6 planes) at 2,4 meters height 
  • Sealed lens 
  • Zero angle detection
  • Installation height of  1,8 ~ 2,4 meters
  • Detection speed: 0,3 ~ 3ms
  • White light filter (6500 lux)
  • UV light filter
  • Selectable sensibility (auto, PC1)
  • Separated indication of microwave, PIR and alarm
  • Triple microwave frequency to avoid interferences: 10,515/10,525/10,535 GHz
  • Relay output: 60V DC, 50 mA, 42V AC (RMS)
  • Tamper sabotage (12V, 50 mA)
  • Blue Wave technolgy reduces false alarms
  • Digital temperature compensation
  • Selectable EOL resistors (incorporated)
  • Protection against manipulations
  • RFI inmunity (25 V/m) continuous wave, modulated wave and pulse at 80 ~ 2700 MHz
  • Power supply: 9V ~ 16V DC
  • Consumption: 23 mA standby, 30 mA alarm
  • Working temperature: -30°C ~ +50°C
  • Dimensions: 117 x 69 x 55 mm
  • Weight: 125 g (without bracket)
  • Wall and ceiling bracket included
  • 5 year warranty
  • Environmental class II
  • EN50131 Grade 3 certified


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