QAR-338 Model: QAR-338

WIZARD - Multifunction alarm remote control - Functions: armed, silent armed, partial armed and emergency (SOS)

- Multi function rmeote control
- Wireless
- Armed , silent or partial  armed
- Disarmed
- SOS button (panic)
- LED indicator

Remote control (80 m range) that allows different operations. It can arm and disarm the alarm and it has 4 buttons with advanced options.

Keychain design so you can have it allways on you. Low battery LED

- Armed (all detectors armed, outhouse mode)
- Disarmed (all detectors disarmed)
- Partially armed ( all detectors armed except A zone ones, house mode)
- Panic button (automatically calls preset phone number)
- Silent armed (all detectors armed silently)
- Silent disarmed (all detectors disarmed silently)


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