QAR-339 Model: QAR-339

WIZARD- Proximity keychain by radiofrequency- TAG RFID- Disarmed function - Maximum security, uncopiable device

- Proximity keychain
- Radiofrequency
- RFID tag
- Disarm function
- Uncopiable device
- Maximum security

Proximity keychain via radiofrequency (TAG RFID), allows system disarm by aproaching near to the lecture panel.

This design makes it easy to carry, can be used as a keychain. Easy, ergonomic and safe, this is the most confortable choice.

- Disarm function
- Uncopiable device (you can lend it to other people, and be sure that's not going to be copied)
- You can register up to 50 proximity keychainson the same panel
- 4 keychain can be identified by name and the system wil inform who has disarmed the alarm
- The system can send an SMS when disarmed using this keychain


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