Amplifier / Video Extender

SAM-1372N Model: SAM-1372N

HDMI signal extender and IR control, 2 UTP cables

- HDMI signal extender and IR in two CAT5/5e/6 cables
- Transmitter unit requires external power supply, power supply is not required from receiver side (monitor) 
- 3D supported @ 1080P/24 fps
- IR signal incorporated, IR control can be selected in any of the sides (TX/RX) 
- Transmission range up to 60 m (1080i, CAT5E), 40 m (1080P, CAT6) 
- Compatible HDMI 1.3, DDC, DTS-HD, Dolby 
- Compatible with HDCP (Protection of broadband digital content)
- Dimensions (TX/RX): 67 x 87 x 27 mm



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