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SAM-4266 Model: SAM-4266

Tool kit for installation of networks. Includes adapters for different types of cables.

- Toolkit for installing networks
- Includes adapters for different types of cables

- It includes:
   • x1 wire strippers up to 10.5 mm
   • x1 modular crimper for RJ45 / RJ11 / RJ12
   • x1 UTP crimper for 8P8C / 6P6C / 6P4C connectors
   • x1 impact crimp for cable type 110/88
   • x1 wire strippers for AWG 12-24 cable
   • x1 UTP / STP cable stripper for 3.2 ~ 9mm cable
   • x1 coaxial cable stripper
   • x1 cable tester RJ45 (UTP / STP) and RJ11
   • x2 screwdrivers
   • x4 cable adapters
   • x1 transport case


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