Hard Disk

SAM-4422 Model: SAM-4422

Seagate® SkyHawk™ Lite HDD. 1 TB. 6GB/s. 64MB cache. Up to 32 cameras


Seagate® SkyHawk ™ Lite is designed for small offices and homes, to reliably record and play high-quality videos without losing frames.

Key features

The best hard drive in its class for surveillance is precisely tuned for high write workloads that operate 24x7 in small businesses / home environments.
Built-in ImagePerfect ™ firmware supports reliable and smooth transmission without loss of frames.
Up to 1 TB of capacity, recommended for up to 32 HD cameras for recording and playback of surveillance video.
Designed for workloads of 120 TB / year, 2 times more than desktop units.
Low energy consumption and starting current minimize the emission of heat and vibrations.
Tarnish-resistant components help protect the disc from environmental elements.
3 year limited warranty

Technical specifications

- Capacity: 1TB
- Interface: SATA to 6GB / sec.
- Cache: 64MB
- Bays for supported units: 2
- Supported cameras: up to 32
- Maximum sustainable transfer rate: 175Mbps
- Workload speed limit (WRL): 120
- Average operating consumption: 3.5W
- Consumption at rest: 2.5W
- Standby consumption / suspension: 0.25W
- Temp. working temperature of 0 ° C ~ + 70 ° C
- Loading and unloading cycles: 300,000
- MTBF: 1,000,000 hours
- Hours of operation: 8,760 hours
- Dimensions: 101.85 (width) x 20.22 (height) x 147 (depth) mm
- Weight: 415 g


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