Perimeter Analysis

SAM-4458 Model: DDO-SV

Server device (1U rack) double detection with Optex sensors. Includes 4 SAM-4491 licenses (V4-DDO-001). Expandable to 24 channels.




  • Server equipment rack (1U) double detection with Optex sensor integration
  • Linux operating system: robust and secure
  • Includes 4 SAM-4491 licenses (V4-DDO-001)
  • Expandable up to 24 channels (cameras and detectors not included)
  • Vaelsys perimeter analytics
  • Optex Intrusion Systems supported:
  • RedScan, direct connection via IP
  • RedWall, IP connection via OPTEX-134 module (PIE-1)
  • RedBeam & Cable Sensor, IP connection with OPTEX-134 module (PIE-1)
  • Independent action protocols for each event:
    - PTZ prepositioning
    - Sending email, ftp, json, xml, etc.
    - Optex technical events
    - Association of video clips with metadata and sending to the CRA
    - Event history with associated video
  • Compatible with Vaelsys alarm modules for relay input / output management:
    - USB module SAM-4147 (VA-6DI-6PR-USB)
    - IP Module SAM-3160 (VA-6DI-6PR-001)


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