Management Servers

TERM-57 Model: TERM-57

Fire detection server. Rack format server included, keybard, mouse, 23" monitor and relay module associated with the SR7 software license. The relays can be configured, in order to send alarm signals from the SR7 system to the fire detection system of a facility.





- PC server with 23" monitor, mouse and alarm (8 in / 8 out)
- 5 thermal chanels management of fire or overheating industrial analytics
- Overheating and flame alert detector
- XML interface for software platform integration
- Position, distance and detected object (overheating or flame) sending via integrated interface
- You can retransmit the video over IP via RTSP encoded in H.264 with CIF and 4CIF resolutions
- Allows armed / disarmed scheduling or change of alert type (overheating or flame)
- Cartography over map
- Map sensor positioning
- Video management and status sensor display
- Targeting cartography
- Pointing Manual
- Parameter changes
- Alerts management
- Management of video-recordings
- Definition and management of presets
- Scheduling of video analytics
- Definition and management of masks
- Definition and of video-analytics
- App SR7 compatible with Push notification
- Requires TERM-71 license activation for each camera (included on Pan-Tilt systems)


- Optional: Start-up "on site" and installation of towers (turnkey)
- Radio link not included: 2Mbps Minimum Upload / Download required per camera
- TERM-58: Annual maintenance "online" by installation (mandatory)
- Requires a personalized pre-study for each project (contact your sales representative)


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