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VIM-100M Model: VIM-100M

Long distance (40m) Optex kit composed by: 1x video integration module of events generated by SAM-4483 (VIM-X4), 4x courtain detector PIR for outdoors 100 x 3m Redwall series OPTEX-83 (SIP-100-IP).

Vaelsys    Optex


Long distance (40m) Optex kit composed by:

  • 1x SAM-4483 (VIM-X4):
    • Video integration module of events generated by sensors
    • Access via mobile app
    • Includes 4 video channels for verification (sensors)
    • 32GB integrated discs
    • Unlimited sending protocols
  • 4x OPTEX-83 (SIP-100-IP):
    • Detector for use in IP CCTV systems
    • Coberage: 100 x 3 meters
    • Coberage of zero zone of 3 x 5 meters
    • Horizontal angle of zero zone adjustable ±135°
    • Environment temperature and light detection for automatic sensibility management
    • Anti-rotation with 3AXIS accelerometer
    • Antimasking function
    • Independent sensibility selector for close/far zones
    • AND/OR logic detection selector
    • Alarm output by IP owner protocol (UDP/TCP)
    • Independent alarms for close /far zones
    • Integrated with most VMS platforms
    • PoE power supply (IEEE802.3af/at)
    • IP55 for case and IP65 for main unit
    • Reinforced polycarbonate case


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