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Optex residential Kit 1 HYUNDAI composed by: 1x video integration moduleof events generated by sensors SAM-4483 (VIM-X4), 4x double PIR detector for outdoors OPTEX-15 (VXI-ST), 4x OPTEX-134 coding (PIE-1), 4x IP bullet camera HYU-417.

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Optex residential Kit 1 HYUNDAI composed by:

  • 1x SAM-4483 (VIM-X4):
    • Video integration module of events generated by sensors
    • Access via mobile app
    • Includes 4 video channels for verification (sensors)
    • 32GB integrated discs
    • Unlimited protocool sending
  • 4x OPTEX-15 (VXI-ST):
    • Double PIR detector for outdoors of 12m, 90°
    • PET inmunity
    • SMDA advanced logic processor
    • 16 detection zones
    • Adjustable detection range on 5 levels
    • Adjustable sensibility on 3 levels
    • Alarm output and sabotage tamper
    • Double conductive mesh (patented) to avoid interferences
    • IP55
  • 4x OPTEX-134 (PIE-1):
    • Coder (analog output relay to original ASCII code) (Redwall event code)
    • You can connect to all leading plattforms of VMS to control IP cameras
    • PoE compatible (IEEE802.3 af) makes possible power supply via contentrator or PoE switch
    • Only needs a LAN cable to connect PIE-1 to a concentrator or PoE switch
    • Alarm output: Redwall event code (UDP/TCP)
    • Power input: PoE (802.3af/at)
  • 4x HYU-417:
    • IP bullet camera with IR of 30 meters
    • H.265+/H.265/H.264/H.264+/MJPEG
    • 1/2,8" CMOS, 2 MP
    • Digital resolution: 1080P, 1,3MP, 720P, etc.
    • Mechanical filter
    • 0,01 lux
    • 2,8~12 mm motorised lens (98°~34°) with autofocus
    • OSD, AGC, BLC, digital WDR, 3D-DNR, motion detection, privcay mask, fixed ROI 
    • SD slot
    • IP67
    • 3AXIS bracket
    • Reset button
    • 12V DC, PoE supported


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