Access / Attendance Terminal

ZK-77 Model: VF380-2

Face Recognition IP Terminal for Access Control with 3 "color touch screen, 13.56MHz MIFARE Card Reader, 800 faces, 10,000 cards, 100,000 events, TCP / IP, USB-Host.




The VF380 is a new generation facial recognition terminal designed to perform employee assistance management in a simple and efficient manner.

User verification is done through face, card or PIN. It has a fast processor and an advanced algorithm that allows to recognize the face of a user in less than a second, capturing the relative position, shape of the eyes, nose, cheeks and jaw even in conditions of no illumination.

It is possible to program the VF380 directly through its 3-inch TFT Touch screen and its user-friendly graphical user interface. The manual transfer of data is done through USB.



Elegant and ergonomic design
Verification by face / card / password
3 "color TFT touch screen
Friendly and aesthetic user interface
TCP / IP and USB-Host interface
Manual data transfer via USB memory
Simple management and scalability
SDK available for software developers


Facial recognition IP terminal for access control with 3 '' touch screen
Capacity of up to 800 faces
Capacity of up to 10,000 cards
Registration of up to 100,000 events
Verification speed of ≤1 second
TCP / IP communication, USB-Host
Standard functions: 13.56 MHz MIFARE Card / Work Code / Summer Time / Programming Ring / T9 Input / Automatic Status Change / Self-Service Search / 9-digit ID / SMS / Electric Lock / Door Sensor / Button Exit
Operating temperature: 0 ° C ~ + 45 ° C
Operating humidity of 20% ~ 80%
Power: 12V DC / 1.5A
Dimensions: 104.7 (W) x 160 (H) x 36 mm


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