Outdoor detectors and accesories

DEM-1278 Model: DEM-1278

Double technology curtain detector with antimasking for outdoor use. Range of 12 meters 75 °. Microwave frequency 10.525GHz, AND / OR operating mode. Relay output, antimasking and tamper tamper. IP54.

- Miniaturized double technology detector with antimasking for outdoors, specially indicated to be installed in doors, windows, window shutters and balconies
- Thanks to the materials used and the advanced technology, it can be used in any outdoor installation where its necessary to cover well defined areas (walls)
- The detector creates a curtain protection at an angle of 7.5 ° and has an adjustable range of up to 12 meters
- The materials with which the two sensors are manufactured (IR and microwave) are particularly resistant to atmospheric agents and the container is completely tin-plated
- The electronic PCB is also subject to a process of tropicalization to ensure its proper functioning outdoors in any humidity and temperature condition
- The precise design and digital analysis of the microwave signal make these detectors particularly stable and immune to false alarms
- AND / OR modes
- Temperature compensation
- Alarm memory input
- Sensitivity control
- Self-adaptive technology
- High immunity to RFI and EMI interference
- Supplied with 90 ° horizontal mounting bracket and standard support
- Typical installation height of 2.1 meters

- Coverage: 12 meters, 75 °
- Microwave frequency: 10.525GHz
- Sensitivity setting: 1 Trimmer MW / 1 IR Trimmer
- Operating mode: And / Or
- Alarm and antimasking relay outputs
- Anti tamper tamper
- Power: 12V DC- Consumption: 18 mA
- Degree of protection: IP54
- Dimensions: 37 x 125 x 40 mm


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