Crystal Vibration Detectors

DEM-1321 Model: GD 475

Glass break detector. Range of Ø2 meters radius. Transistorized alarm output. Tamper. Degree of protection IP67. EN50131 Grade 3.




Passive glass break detector with EN50131 Grade 3 certification. It is suitable for float, tempered, laminated and reinforced glass. The detector will stick to the surface of the glass and detect several attacks (including cutting tools) on the surface of the glass.

The detector requires a DEM-1324 (IU 400) interface unit, which detects changes in the current characteristics of the detectors and provides alarm and fault outputs.


  • Range up to Ø2 meters
  • Input voltage: 5V ~ 15V DC
  • Consumption: 1,5 mA (3 mA on alarm)
  • Transistorized alarm output
  • LED indicator of alarm
  • Antisabotage
  • Continous retention time
  • Connection by cable
  • ABS plastic case
  • White color
  • Working temperature -40°C ~ +55°C
  • IP67
  • Dimensions: 11 (H) x 26 (Ø) mm
  • According to EN-50131-2-7-2:2012+A1:2013 Grado 3


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