Hyundai Smart4Home Alarm

HYU-65 Model: HYU-65

Smart4Home kit composed by: IP station control (sold separately), 720p IP camera HYU-74, indoor voice siren HYU-69, PIR detector HYU-66, magnetic contact HYU-67, remote push HYU-68, Hyundai Smart4Home software

Kit composed by:

- IP station control (sold separately)
- 720p IP camera HYU-74
- Indoor voice siren HYU-69
- PIR detector HYU-66
- Magnetic contact HYU-67
- Remote push HYU-68
- Hyundai Smart4Home software

Station control: Hyundai Smart Home alarm station is compatible with all the accesories of the same series. You need to have a Smart4Home account to go to the
interface control. You can go via Smart4Home software or web browser. The alarm system is independent from internet connection, it still works if there’s an internet
failure. There are different kinds of accesories that you can use with the station control and each one offers a diferent kind of service.

Station features:
- 868 MHz frequency
- Rechargeable emergency battery (up to 48h)
- VPN secure communication
- 250 m via radio (in open field)
- Auto pairing
- Up to 40 devices via radio
- 2 LAN G ports
- Allows connection to security system and internet (plug&play connection)
- Remote acces via browser, smartphone or tablet
- Notification in case of failure or alarm
- System keeps working in case  of blackout
- Station control has an intern battery and USB ports to connect optional accesories with 3G connection
- Power supply included
- It cannot be sold separately

Station specs:
- ARM 7, 70MHz CPU
- 16MB SDRAM system memory
- 4MB flash on board memory data
- U-Net module via radio
- 4 LED inicators
- 868 MHz frequency via radio
- uCLinux 2.4.20 O/S
- 3x USB 1.1 ports, USB (power O/P)
- 2x RJ45 Ethernet 10/100 Baste-T ports
- 9V DC / 200 mA power supply
- 48 h battery life
- Working temperature: 0ºC~+40ºC
- 85% HR
- Dimensions: 167 x 218 x 35 mm
- Weight: 495 g (without battery), 643 (with battery)


SAT 3/18/2019 12:29:04 PM
Apreciado cliente, se conecta directamente al router. Un saludo.
2/7/2019 8:21:04 PM
Hola, Como se conecta a Internet?? router? sim?

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