Hyundai Smart4Home Alarm

HYU-67 Model: HYU-67

Magnetic contact via radio for Smart4Home systems

Composed by two parts: detector and magnetic side. The detector is installed in a fixed place, whilst the magnetic side on a mobile part. When the system is armed, if the detector is separated from the magnetic side or if the detector box is trying to be opened, the system triggers the alarm and the control panel send notifi cations to the server.

- Anti sabotage system
- Frequency: 868 MHz bidirectional
- Signal range: 30 meters (indoor)
- CR2450 lithium battery, 3V, 620mAh
- Battery level indicator
- Working temperature: -10ºC ~ +40ºC
- HR: 85%
- Dimensions: 31 x 70 x 11,5 mm
- Auto pairing
- Included on HYU-65 kit



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