Analog Modules


CRA communications module with IP connection.


  • Universal TCP-IP communicator for management system or central alarm receiver of CONNEXION or Vision Plus of MorleyIAS.
  • Connection to up to 2 receivers with encrypted communication according to AES 128 level 4 standard on CONTACT ID.
  • Transmission of events by zone or point.
  • Direct connection to Ethernet NETWORK.
  • Monitoring plot and periodic stay alive.
  • Connection to the optional RS-232 port of the DX CONNEXION control panel.
  • Complies with EN54-21 and EN50136 Grade 4.
  • Requires 24Vdc power.
  • It connects to the optional RS-232 port 795-122 of the DXc control panels.
  • It requires auxiliary 24V, 150 mA.


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