EVO Digiplex accesories and modules

PAR-161 Model: UC300

Universal converter

- Allows event/alarm communication from any control panel to PAR-82 (IPR512) via IP and cellular network (while its connected to PAR-21 (IP150) and/or PAR-25 (PCS250)/ PAR-142 (PCS250-G03) / PAR-160 (PCS250-G01))
- Sends email notifications of events/ system alarms (connected to PAR-21 (IP150))
- SMS sends events /system alarms (with PAR-25 (PCS250)/ PAR-142 (PCS250-G03)/ PAR-160 (PCS250-01))
- Dial and power supply LED indicator
- Easy installation


Jose 4/11/2016 5:57:26 PM
Estimado cliente: Le recomiendo contacte telefónicamente con nuestro SAT que le podrá ayudar con detalle
JOSE 3/9/2016 5:05:37 PM
no consigo conectar con el equipo

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