PARADOX Central IP / GPRS Transmission

PAR-172 Model: EXTKIT-14.5MTS

14,5 meter cable for PAR-25 (PCS250), PAR-142 (PCS250-G03), PAR-160 (PCS250-G01), PAR-158 (GPRS14), PAR-188N (PCS260E) and PAR-189 (PCS265)

- 14,5 meter cable for PAR-25 (PCS250), PAR-142 (PCS250-G03), PAR-160 (PCS250-G01), PAR-158 (GPRS14), PAR-188N (PCS260E) and PAR-189 (PCS265)
- Improves antenna reception by relocating it
- Wall mount bracket included


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