EVO Digiplex accesories and modules

PAR-212 Model: PS25_METALBOX

Supervised power supply module (2.8 Amps) in metal box.

- Supervised power supply module of 2.8A
- Provides a maximum of 2.5A (13.8V DC) of continuous auxiliary power
- Battery charging with 300 mA (the battery charge can increase up to 1.2A if the auxiliary current is reduced accordingly)
- Alternating current supervision, voltage output, current, low battery
- Connects to the control panel through 4 wires on the keyboard bus
- Anti sabotage tamper
- Autonomous operation
- Battery admitted: 12V DC, from 4Ah to 14Ah
- Operating temperature of -20 ° C ~ + 50 ° C
- Supplied in metal box with battery capacity (12V DC, 4Ah ~ 14Ah)


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