Spectra SP / Hybrid Magellan keyboards

PAR-231 Model: TM70

7" touch screen keyboard with built-in temperature sensor Built-in zone tamper Tamper SD slot (includes 4GB card) Color white. EN50131 Grade 3


- Keyboard with 7" touch screen in color
- Resolution of 800 x 400 px
- Compatible with Swan, EVO, Spectra and Magellan
- Adjustable brightness with auto dimming mode
- Incorporates input zone
- Customizable tags (zones, partitions, users and PGM)
- External SD card slot (includes 4GB card with 2GB of free space) for uploading photos
- Acts as a digital photo frame
- Firmware upgradeable via SD card or Swan system bus
- Temperature sensor
- Cover and wall cover
- Voltage range of 9V ~ 15V DC
- Maximum consumption of 250 mA + 80 mA siren
- Dimensions: 177 x 114 x 15 mm
- White color
- EN50131 Grade 3


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