EVO HD Insight™ detectors

PAR-284 Model: HD88

PIR detector for outdoors 16 m /110° with camera and audio. H.264. Day/night display with 720p resolution at 10 fps with 15 min for alarm events and 15 min ROT/VOD. IR up to 10 m. HiFi. Image sended to CRA and end user. Video streaming. Programming, installation and management via Insite GOLD, Google drive or app storage. DNS Paradox servide 24/7. Video transmission to CCTV systems. 3 sec pre-alarm recording. Compatible with Spectra, EVO192 and EVOHD. built in WiFi and Ethernet. 12V~16V DC.

- Dual PIR detector for outdoors with audio and camera
- PIR range of 16 m /110°
- Mironel lens
- Detection speed of 0,2m/s ~ 2,5 m/s
- H.264
- 1,4 MP CMOS
- Day/night display with 720 p resolution at 10 fps
- IR illumination up to 10 meters
- HiFi audio recording
- Stream of local video at 720P and audio HD (16 bit)
- Up to 16 cameras per site with SWAN connection to warranty 24/7 connectivity
- 30 min internal storage recording (15 min alarm and 15 min ROT/VOD)
- SD card  16GB to 250GB (card not included)
- Pet inmunity
- VOD, ROT and 3 seconds of pre recording
- Programming, installation and administration through Insite GOLD, store files in the application or in Google Drive
- Paradox DNS service with 24/7 access (annual fee to end user)
- Stream videos to CCTV systems
- Installation height of 2.1 ~ 2.7 meters
- Built-in Ethernet and Wi-Fi, can be configured as redundant only for Ethernet or Wi-Fi
- Compatible with Spectra, EVO192 and EVOHD systems
- Working temperature -40°C ~ +60°C
- IP65
- Power supply: 9V~16V DC
- Consumption: 350 mA (with IR), 250 mA (without IR), 100 mA (battery)
- Dimensions: 168 x 68 x 74 mm
- Wall/corner installation
- Optional bracket: PAR-285 (BR88O)


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