PROTECT fog cannons

PROT-10 Model: PROT-10

PROTECT 600i™ fog cannon for 78 m², up to 700 m³ fog/minute



- Ideal for offices, shops, private residences with large rooms, etc.
- Up to 117 m² according to EN-50131-8 (complies with regulations) although it is recommended not to exceed 78 m²
- Container with 1.1 liters of fluid included
- Up to 7 discharges per container
-  700 m³ of fog in 60 seconds
- Turbo function: Download 600 m³ in 30 sec.
- Can be set between 290 and 700 m³ to fit the size of the room
- Pulse function up to 9 min. (Effective to keep the fog)
- Compatible with any alarm system
- Alarm: 5 inputs / 3 outputs
- It includes 2 batteries of 12V / 1.2Ah, which gives up to 3 hours of autonomy in case of failure in the electric network
- Compatible with IPCard, MultiCard and IntelliBox
- Data logging possible with IntelliSuite
- Prepared for 4 nozzles with different angles and a nozzle extender
- Impact resistant anti-tamper case
- 100% silent in sleep mode
- Dimensions: 475 x 332 x 154 mm
- Weight: 12.6 kg
- Compliance with IEC 62642-8
- European quality, Danish design


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