Load Safer Smoke

PROT-37 Model: BHR001

Proactive safety smoke generator, red color, no itching


- Proactive safety smoke generator
- Color red, without itching
- Produces 110 m³ of smoke in a discharge of 20 seconds of duration, being necessary to replace the package after each discharge
- Can be connected to an alarm system or operate autonomously
- When there is an unwanted intrusion in the protected area, the device is activated and a chemical reaction is generated generating the smoke output of the container
- Non-pyrotechnic compound, it has no storage or transportation problems, as long as exposure to temperatures of more than 200 ° C is avoided
- Contains a substance that is completely harmless to health
- It has certifications that guarantee the safety and quality of the system
- The smoke originates from dry particles of between 1 and 2 microns, which can produce a slight ocular and / or respiratory irritation that disappears as soon as fresh air is breathed
- Different forms of activation:
  • Through a conventional battery having a voltage of 1.5V and 0.9A
  • A 12V power supply
  • One 220V output
  • Connected to an alarm system (NO)
- Dimensions: Ø65 x 90 mm
- Weight: 240 g
- Life: 3 years


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