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Queen Alarm

QAR-262 Model: QAR-262

GPRS transmitter. Encryption of data via AES standard. Sending SMS messages. 5,000 events. RS232 and RS485 interface.


  • Remote configuration and firmware replacement 
  • Modem standby status
  • Encryption of data sent through the AES standard
  • Developed telephone line simulation circuit and DTMF reception (flexibility with alarm control units equipped with a dialer and telephone exchanges of various manufacturers)
  • Sending SMS messages of any content to 5 mobile phone numbers
  • History of up to 5,000 system events
  • Diagnostic mode for the installer
  • Authorization of configuration and control SMS messages
  • Protection against generation of excessive costs by automatic blocking of entries
  • Possibility of establishing priorities for PSTN or GPRS lines
  • Integrates RS232 and RS485 interface
  • Does not support the programming of bidirectional exchanges
  • GPRS mode requires proprietary CRA software


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