Testers & Multifunction Monitors

SAM-4260 Model: SAM-4260

Network cable tester with LCD viewer.

- Network cable tester with LCD viewfinder
- Shows the results obtained clearly and completely
- Get the continuity for each of the wires of the cable and the pin-out of them
- It also shows those cases of crossing between two or more threads
- Allows you to calculate the length of a cable
- It has technology TDR (Time Domain Reflectometer) that measures the distance of the cable and the distance to a possible error if there
- Works at the peer level
- Check of telephone and coaxial cables, check the continuity of the same
- It has two female RJ45 connectors (Main and Loopback) to check cables not installed (patch cords)
- In addition, a terminator is provided for checking cables already installed
- It has 4 control buttons
- To check coaxial cables, two RJ45 adapters are supplied-Male to clamps
- For RJ11 cable testing two adapter cables from RJ45-Male to RJ11-Male are supplied
- Works with 4 AA 1.5V batteries (not included)


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