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Reference DAHUA-955 Model ASI1212A

Access control autonomous biometric terminal with MIFARE card reader. Touchpad. 2,4" TFT. 4.500 fingerprints, 30.000 cards, 150.000 events. Fingerprint, card, code or combination authentification. Voice massage. Door input sensor, exit button, alarm and 4 relay outputs (lock, buzzer and alarm). TCP/IP, RS485. MicroSD slot. IP55. 12V DC.

Reference DAHUA-915 Model ASR1000A

RFID Mifare access control reader. Sabotage tamper. Wiegand interface 26/34. IP65. 12V DC.

Reference DAHUA-908 Model ASC1202B

Two Door Access Controller. 100.000 cards, 150.000 events. Antipassback, multiple lock, multi-card unlock. 4 door sensors, 4 exit buttons, 1 alarm inputs, 4 locks, 1 alarm outputs, 4 readers. TCP/IP, RS485, Wiegand. 12V DC. DIN rail

Reference CONAC-610 Model CONAC-610

Security relay box for access control terminals

Reference CONAC-514 Model MEM-01

Memory card for copying of keys stored on a computer for another backup

Reference CONAC-574 Model CONAC-574

Autonomous keyboard with integrated MIFARE proximity reader, outdoor

Reference CONAC-564 Model CONAC-564

EM proximity reader for access control, outdoor anti-vandalism

Reference CONAC-471 Model CONAC-471

Standard proximity card (ISO) with visible serigraphy numeration

Reference CONAC-434 Model CONAC-434

PVC pole. Diameter 50 mm, thickness 1.5 mm, with refillable base. Measures: height 0.90 m, base 28 x 28 cm. Weight: pole + base: 1.9 kg.. Colour: yellow-black. Supplied without chain (see: CONAC-435)

Reference CONAC-465 Model CONAC-465

Accesses control management software. Several lists can be displayed or printed. It enables setting of timetables, groups and so on to assign users and/or gates. Unit for a company without local offices, limitless of reader

Reference CONAC-469 Model CONAC-469

Customer license for CONAC-467. To install in local office PC

Reference CONAC-412 Model CONAC-412

Battery: 12V. For the following models: CONAC-402, CONAC-403, CONAC- 404 and CONAC-408

Reference CONAC-524 Model CONAC-524

Fingerprint reader with USB connection. When placing the finger on the reader sensor, the fingerprint is automatically scanned. It works directly connected to the USB port of the computer with a management software

Reference CONAC-72 Model 5455

Proximity reader Proxpro II. Supply: 5-16 V CCa. Reading range: 10-22 cm. Suitable for indoor and outdoor. Optional pack for assembling on glass

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