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Reference CONAC-399 Model AS-215L1

VERITRAX administration software for AC-215 controller. Up to 64 panels. 128 doors.

Reference CONAC-484 Model MD-W11NHR

Access control wireless interface system. Transmitter unit.

Reference CONAC-745 Model MS-K825IP-E

Professional access control kit for SMEs. Includes 1 CONAC-626 4-port network access controller (AC-825IP), 4 CONAC-722 multi-credential CSN readers (AY-K6255), 2 packs of 25 MIFARE Classic 1K EV1 CONAC-732 cards (AT-C1S -000-E000) and 1 Mini PC CONAC-747 (PC-Z64W-E) with Windows® 10 Home Edition and AxTraxNG® UltraLight software pre-installed and licensed.

Reference DAHUA-968 Model ASL6101R-B

Intelligent access control lock with bluetooth and MIFARE reader. 4 opening modes: Easy4key App, MIFARE 1 card, code and mechanical key. Voice messages. Privacy password. Up to 50 cards and 50 passwords. Built-in buzzer and speaker. 4 AA batteries of 6V.

Reference DAHUA-913 Model ASR1001M

RFID Mifare acces control reader with keyboard. Sabotage tamper. Wiegand interface. IP55, IK08. 12V DC

Reference CONAC-485 Model MD-W11FHR

869MHz bidirectional radio interface. 12 / 24V DC / AC power supply. Double tamper

Reference CONAC-640 Model CONAC-640

Biometric reader with proximity reader. Up to 3000 prints. IP65. Free professional software included

Reference CONAC-610 Model CONAC-610

Security relay box for access control terminals

Reference CONAC-594 Model CONAC-594

Biometric reader. Standalone without connection to PC.

Reference CONAC-514 Model MEM-01

Memory card for copying of keys stored on a computer for another backup

Reference CONAC-574 Model CONAC-574

Autonomous keyboard with integrated MIFARE proximity reader, outdoor

Reference CONAC-564 Model CONAC-564

EM proximity reader for access control, outdoor anti-vandalism

Reference CONAC-478 Model AY-B4663

Mifare oval reader with fingerprint-reading sensor

Reference CONAC-434 Model CONAC-434

PVC pole. Diameter 50 mm, thickness 1.5 mm, with refillable base. Measures: height 0.90 m, base 28 x 28 cm. Weight: pole + base: 1.9 kg.. Colour: yellow-black. Supplied without chain (see: CONAC-435)

Reference CONAC-524 Model CONAC-524

Fingerprint reader with USB connection. When placing the finger on the reader sensor, the fingerprint is automatically scanned. It works directly connected to the USB port of the computer with a management software

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