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Reference DAHUA-1967 Model ASR1101M-D

RFID EM 125KHz access control keypad reader. Tamper sabotage. Wiegand / RS485 interface. IK08. 12V DC

Reference CONAC-815 Model M3 Pro

Keyboard with MIFARE - Anviz card reader. 10.000 code/card, 200.000 regs. TCP/IP, RS485, Wiegand 26. Relay. Vandal protection suitable for outdoors.

Reference DAHUA-1948 Model ASI1212D-D

Biometric reader + RFID EM access control reader with keyboard. Water-resistant autonomous system, suitable for outdoors. LCD keyboard and display. 3,000 fingerprints, 30,000 users / cards. 150,000 events Authentication by card, password, fingerprint and combination. TCP / IP PC interface, supports WAN. Wiegand or RS485 reader interface. Door sensor input, exit button and alarm input. Exit for lock, bell and alarm. IP55 12V DC

Reference CONAC-800 Model D200

Time control terminal for small and medium businesses.

Reference ZK-100 Model MA300

Standalone Access control terminal with PC connection. Fingerprint Reader, EM Card. 1,500 tracks, 10,000 cards. 100,000 records TCP / IP, Wiegand Input / Output. 12V DC

Reference ZK-97 Model PROID40 MF

MIFARE proximity card reader. Wiegand exit 26/34. Water resistant, IP65. Black color.

Reference ZK-95 Model TF1700 MIFARE

Access Control and Presence. Footprints, MIFARE card and keyboard. 1,500 footprints 10,000 cards 30,000 signings. TCP / IP, MiniUSB, RS485, Wiegand Output and Relay. Suitable for outdoor IP65. ZKAccess 3.5 software | ZkTimeNet 3.0.

Reference ZK-96 Model inBio460 Pro

Biometric IP panel InBio-460 Pro for access control of 4 ports and 12 readers.

Reference ZK-94 Model inBio260 Pro

Biometric IP panel InBio-260 Pro for access control of 2 ports and 8 readers.

Reference ZK-93 Model inBio160 Pro

Biometric IP panel InBio-160 Pro for access control of 1 ports and 4 readers.

Reference ZK-90 Model ProID20-BM-RS

MIFARE proximity card reader. Wiegand exit 26/34. Water resistant, IP65. Black color.

Reference ZK-87 Model TS1000 STEEL 316

Two way tripod turnstile with arm drop. Made of 316 stainless steel.

Reference ZK-98 Model TA-ICLOCK-560ZMM-2

Fingerprint Time &Attendance Terminal. Fingerprint reader, MIFARE card and display. 8.000 fingerprint, 10.000 card. 100.000 regs. TCP/IP, RS485, RS232, USB-Host.

Reference CONAC-813 Model C5 WIFI

Access and presence control terminal - Anviz. Fingerprints, RFID cards and keyboard. 3000 fingerprints / cards, 50000 records. TCP / IP, WiFi, USB, RS485, RS232. 1 relay output. Wiegand input / output 26. 16 self-defined status. 16 access groups, 32 time zones. 6-digit codes. 50 short messages

Reference CONAC-812 Model T60 PRO

Standalone biometric reader Anviz with EM proximity reader and keypad for Access Control and Presence. 3,000 fingerprints 3,000 cards. 100,000 events. TCP / IP, WiFi, USB-Host, RS485, Wiegand Input / Output. 2 relay outputs. 8 assistance modes. 16 time groups, 32 time zones. 6 digit owrking codes. 50 short messages Web server. Summer schedule. Voice announcements 30 groups of schedules buzzer. IP65. 12V DC. PoE

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