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Reference DAHUA-1766 Model ASM202

USB fingerprint register. Plug&Play connection (without controllers). Power supply and USB communication. Optical module for fingerprints

Reference HYU-647 Model HYU-647

USB fingerprint register. Plug&Play connection (without controllers). USB power supply.

Reference HYU-646 Model HYU-646

EM and Mifare® USB card registrator. Plug&Play (without controllers). Power supply led indicator and status communication. USB power supply.

Reference DAHUA-1763 Model ASC1204C

Additional power supply for DAHUA-905 (ASC1204C-S) controller. CA220V input. DC12V output.

Reference CONAC-516 Model CONAC-516

Protective cover for access control biometric readers CONAC-474 and CONAC-510.

Reference CONAC-784 Model CP-R26A

MIFARE Classic® EV1 and fingerprint card programmer. Desktop device.

Reference CONAC-744 Model DR-6255

MIFARE Classic EV1 CSN Desktop Card Reader

Reference CONAC-738 Model CP-R20U

USB proximity card programmer for TEMIC series

Reference CONAC-741 Model RT-C1S-38A-3000

MIFARE Classic EV1 7UID PVC ISO Card. Scheduled. Memory of 1K. Wiegand format 38 bit. For O2S® readers

Reference CONAC-740 Model AT-C1S-000-0000

MIFARE Classic EV1 7UID PVC ISO Card. Not programmed. Memory of 1K. Without format.

Reference CONAC-739 Model AT-TUS-000-0000

Unscheduled PVC ISO Card (ASK). 32-byte memory. No logo. For 125MHz readers.

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