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Reference NOTIFIER-623 Model F-SEN-SSE

Replacement sensor for FL0xxxE-HS

Reference NOTIFIER-622 Model F-SEN-NFX

Replacement sensor for NFXI-ASDxx-HS

Reference NOTIFIER-350 Model FSL100-IR3

FSL100-IR3 IR3 flame detector suitable for ATEX areas

Reference NOTIFIER-349 Model FSL100-UVIR

UV / IR flame detector suitable for ATEX areas

Reference NOTIFIER-348 Model FSL100-UV

UV flame detector for ATEX areas

Reference NOTIFIER-338 Model IDX-751 AE

Intrinsically safe analog optical detector

Reference NOTIFIER-82 Model RMK400AP

Accessory for Recessing Nfxi Series Bases in False Ceiling. Available Also In Ivory Color (-Iv)

Reference NOTIFIER-80 Model SMK400AP

White socket surface for tube up to 22mm outside diameter. Also In Ivory Color (-Iv)

Reference NOTIFIER-78 Model B524HTR-W

Standard White Base With Heater For Nfx Detectors.

Reference NOTIFIER-76 Model 72051

Optical smoke detector with extremely high sensitivity optical camera (VIEW), white. Only compatible AM-8200.

Reference NOTIFIER-75 Model NFXI-VIEW

Optical Smoke Detector With Extremely High Sensitivity Optical Camera. White Color.

Reference NOTIFIER-74 Model IRX-751CTEM-W

Multi-Sensor Optical, Thermal, Infrared And Co (Smart 4), White.

Reference NOTIFIER-73 Model NFXI-SMT3

Multi-Sensor Optical, Thermal and Infrared With Built-in Isolator, White.

Reference NOTIFIER-72 Model NFXI-SMT2

Optical-Thermal Detector With Built-in Isolator, White.

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