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Reference NOTIFIER-341 Model Y72221

Galvanic isolator, recommended for ID50 and ID3000 series control panels

Reference NOTIFIER-340 Model SMB500

Light cream plastic box for surface mounting of the IST200E.

Reference NOTIFIER-339 Model IST200E

IST200E current converter interface for the Intrinsic Safety analog detectors IDX-751 AE

Reference NOTIFIER-50 Model 020-643

Card to connect ID3000 control panels to the ID2net network using multimode fiber optics.

Reference NOTIFIER-45 Model UCIP

CRA communications module with IP connection.

Reference NOTIFIER-44 Model UCIP-GPRS


Reference NOTIFIER-27 Model 020-543

020-579 Voltage converter module for power supply for ID3000

Reference NOTIFIER-9 Model AM82-2S2C

AM82-2S2C RS485 communication card for LCD-8200 remote repeaters.

Reference NOTIFIER-6 Model LIB-8200

Expansion Card of 2 Analog Loops with 750ma Power per Loop for the Am-8200

Reference MORLEY-38 Model MI-D2ICMO

Module with 2 inputs and 1 output

Reference MORLEY-37 Model MI-D240CMO-DIN

1 output module - 240VAC - DIN mounting

Reference MORLEY-36 Model MI-D240CMO

1 output control module- 240 VAC- wall mount

Reference MORLEY-35 Model MI-SC6

Multimodule with 6 supervised outputs

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