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Reference IntelliSuite Model IntelliSuite

IntelliSuite™ Management Software

Reference PROT-35 Model PROT-35

IntelliConnector ™ USB Special Cable

Reference PROT-34 Model PROT-34

MultiCard ™ expansion card

Reference PROT-32 Model PROT-32

IntelliWirelessCard ™ wireless card

Reference PROT-30 Model PROT-30

IntelliBox™ IP Control Equipment

Reference PROT-29 Model PROT-29

IntelliBox™ control device

Reference PROT-6 Model PROT-6

Auxiliary lifting tool for roof installations

Reference PROT-28 Model PROT-28

Ceiling Mounting Tray for PROT-12 PROTECT 2200i ™ Fog Cannons

Reference PROT-27 Model PROT-27

PROTECT 600i ™ and PROT-11 PROTECT 1100i ™ Ceiling Mounting Tray for Fog cannon

Reference PROT-22 Model PROT-22

15 cm nozzle expander for PROT-10 PROTECT 600i ™ and PROT-11 PROTECT 1100i ™ and PROT-12 PROTECT 2200i ™ fog cannon

Reference PROT-21 Model PROT-21

3 output nozzle with 30° tilt for PROT-12 PROTECT 2200i ™ fog cannon

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