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Reference NOTIFIER-530 Model HLSPS25

Switching 65W DC 24VDC power supply controlled by microprocessor.

Reference NOTIFIER-328 Model 520-MTS-80B

Pack of 5 kits of 8 white sampling points

Reference NOTIFIER-324 Model 520-FIN

Package of 5 sampling points for capillary tube

Reference NOTIFIER-321 Model 510-KIT

Capillary sampling point composed of flexible nylon tube 1 meter in length.

Reference NOTIFIER-306 Model VSP-855-20

Inline filter replacement for NOTIFIER-304 (VSP-850-R)

Reference NOTIFIER-305 Model VSP-855-4

Inline filter replacement for NOTIFIER-304 (VSP-850-R)

Reference NOTIFIER-304 Model VSP-850-R

Red filtration equipment recommended in dirty environments compatible with pipes supplied by HLSI 25 mm outside diameter.

Reference NOTIFIER-303 Model F-BO-AFE70-2

Blow nozzle for harsh environments

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