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Reference CONAC-815 Model M3 Pro

Keyboard with MIFARE - Anviz card reader. 10.000 code/card, 200.000 regs. TCP/IP, RS485, Wiegand 26. Relay. Vandal protection suitable for outdoors.

Reference DAHUA-1948 Model ASI1212D-D

Biometric reader + RFID EM access control reader with keyboard. Water-resistant autonomous system, suitable for outdoors. LCD keyboard and display. 3,000 fingerprints, 30,000 users / cards. 150,000 events Authentication by card, password, fingerprint and combination. TCP / IP PC interface, supports WAN. Wiegand or RS485 reader interface. Door sensor input, exit button and alarm input. Exit for lock, bell and alarm. IP55 12V DC

Reference ZK-81 Model MA500

Anti-vandalism biometric reader with EM card reader and keypad for Access Control. Autonomous operation or connected to controller. 30,000 tarhetas. 3,000 fingerprints 100,000 events. TCP / IP, RS485, Wiegand Output. Electric lock, Door sensor, Exit button, Alarm. IP65.

Reference HYU-640 Model HYU-640

Standalone access control and presence terminal with fingerprint reader and EM card reader. Up to 3.000 fingerprint, 3.000 cards, 100.000 events and 150.000 assitance regs. 2,4" display. TCP/IP and RS485. 1 door sensor input and 1 exit button REX. 1 door relay output. For indoors.

Reference CONAC-525 Model CONAC-525

Additional controller for CONAC-474, CONAC-510, CONAC-594 and CONAC-595 readers

Reference CONAC-771 Model S2000-IRIS

Standalone Anviz biometric reader for access control. ID by iris/card recognition. 1000 users, 10.0000 reg. TCP/IP, Wifi, RS485 and Wiegand 26. independent CONAC-662 (SC011) controller included. Iris recognition with glasses. Suitable for maximum security places and places were you cannot use your hands. ANVIZ UltraMatch management software included.

Reference CONAC-770 Model M5PRO

Standalone Anviz biometric reader for access control. ID by fingerprint and/or EM card. 3.000 fingerprint/card, 50.000 reg. TCP/IP, RS485, miniUSB and Wiegand 26. Integrated controller (door sensor, push button and relay). IP65, IK10. ANVIZ CrossChex management software included

Reference CONAC-769 Model M5-MIFARE

Standalone Biometric access reader Anviz. Identification by fingerprint and / or Mifare card. 2.000 fingerprint/card, 10.0000 reg. TCP/IP communication, RS485, miniUSB and Wiegand 26/34. CONAC-662 (SC011) independent controller included . IP65, IK10. ANVIZ CrossChex software management included.

Reference CONAC-765 Model CONAC-765

Autonomous vandal-proof keyboard for 1 door. EM 125KHz and Mifare 13.56MHz. IP65.

Reference CONAC-761 Model VF30+MIFARE

Anviz Autonomous biometric reader of fingerprints and MIFARE readers, with keyboard. 2000 fingerprints / cards. 50000 regs. TCP/IP, RS485, miniUSB, Wiegand 26. Entry door sensor / aperture pusher. NA/NC relay output. 12V DC. For indoors.

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