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Reference NOTIFIER-529 Model SL523

SL517 Collector cone for type 2 gas detectors

Reference NOTIFIER-528 Model SL517

SL517 Collector cone for type 3 gas detectors

Reference NOTIFIER-527 Model ZM/TEST/3

ZM / TEST / 3 Moisture Protector

Reference NOTIFIER-526 Model ZM/TEST/2

ZM / TEST / 2 Moisture Protector

Reference NOTIFIER-525 Model KIT-GAS

KIT-GAS Calibration kit for gas detectors

Reference NOTIFIER-524 Model STS/IDI

STS / IDI Communication card for SMART3

Reference NOTIFIER-523 Model STS3REL

3-relay card for smart3 GC and smart3nc detectors. Reles at 12 or 24VDC.

Reference NOTIFIER-405 Model G-BOX

G-BOX plastic box with IP55 protection degree for STG / IN8S and STG / OUT16S modules.

Reference NOTIFIER-404 Model STG/8REL

8 relay output interface module

Reference NOTIFIER-401 Model STG/SER

Expansion card loop for 128 zones

Reference NOTIFIER-394 Model P-100

1 zone module for Park Central expansion

Reference MORLEY-85 Model VP-200

VP-200 Módulo 2 zonas para VSN-PARK

Reference MORLEY-84 Model VP-100

VP-100 Módulo 1 zona para VSN-PARK

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