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Reference NOTIFIER-619 Model M-1471

Replacement hammer for button AC-1460R

Reference NOTIFIER-618 Model C-1460

Replacement glass for button AC-1460R

Reference NOTIFIER-615 Model V353039

Central accessory bag RP1R-SUPRA.

Reference NOTIFIER-614 Model V300018

Bowler with key set for central keyboard access RP1R-SUPRA.

Reference NOTIFIER-613 Model V321009

RP1R SUPRA Multilingual Front Label Set.

Reference NOTIFIER-612 Model 020-865

Set of 10 red keys for central NFS

Reference NOTIFIER-347 Model AIS-GALS1

Galvanic insulator. It allows to connect up to 1 siren IS-MA1 EEX IA.

Reference NOTIFIER-342 Model AIS-GALD1

Galvanic isolator for conventional intrinsic safety sensors and pushbuttons "EEX IA".

Reference NOTIFIER-86 Model F-ROND

F-ROND White / silver two-color ABS polycarbonate washer for INDIC-INC optical repeater.

Reference MORLEY-100 Model V353038

V353038 Central accessory bag VSN-2PLUS

Reference MORLEY-99 Model V321214

V321214 Juego de etiquetas Frontal VISION-PLUS2 Multilingüe

Reference MORLEY-95 Model 795-104

795-104 Puerta con Display y teclado de centrales DXc1/2/4

Reference MORLEY-62 Model ECO1000RTU A

Test unit for ECO1000 detectors

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