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Reference FOC-735 Model FOC-735

Expansion kit at 100 meters from lineal smoke detector FOC-733

Reference FOC-734 Model FOC-734

Expansion kit at 80 meters from lineal smoke detector FOC-733

Reference FOC-733 Model FOC-733

Lineal smoke IR motorised detector with a range of 40 meters expandable up to 80 or 100 meters via expansion kits (FOC-734 / FOC-735). Separated detector and controller for an easy access to programing. IP65 for external use or extreme environmental conditions. CPR EN54-12.

Reference FOC-594 Model SPC-ET

Optical Beam Smoke Detector. 5 – 100 m range (1500 m2). Compatible with ESP Hochiki system. EN54-12

Reference FOC-469 Model 29600-241

Box and mounting bracket for FOC-467 and FOC-468 linear detectors

Reference FOC-468 Model 55000-273

Smoke barrier up to 100m compatible XP95

Reference FOC-467 Model 55000-268

Smoke barrier up to 50m compatible XP95

Reference FOC-329 Model NP-910-EX

Programmer to adjust the infrared detector barriers ref. FOC-327

Reference FOC-327 Model I-9105R

Infrared barrier for fire detection (smoke). Range from 100 x 15 meters. Possibility to change the range for installations at less than 35 x 15 meters by the FOC-329 programmer. Made of an infrared sender-receiver and a ref

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