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Reference PYRO-9N Model DS-PD2-D15AME

HIKVISION detector of double technology with antimasking. 15/18/30 m range, 85°/20°/20°. Zero angle. Triple microwave frequency . EN50131 Grade 3.

Reference PAR-204 Model NV75MW

Dual PIR detector with dual Mironel optics + dual 10GHz microwave antenna, up to 16 meters. SeeTrue Technology Strict Mode and Soft Mode. Pet-inmunity, ground zero, antimasking. Grade 3.

Reference EL-4 Model RK150DTG300B

360 Degree Passive Infrared & Microwave Roof Wiring Detector, Grade 3

Reference PAR-34 Model 525DM

Anti masking and anti lock double technology detector

Reference GE-2 Model DD669AM

Detector double ceiling technology, coverage 20 m in diameter. AM Grade 3

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