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Reference PAR-119 Model PAR-119

Bowler hat and keys for PAR-115 and PAR-116 boxes

Reference PAR-116 Model PAR-116

High quality big box for MG5000, MG5050, SP4000, SP5500 y SP6000 and EVO192

Reference PAR-11 Model TK278

Anti sabotage switch for PARADOX PAR-2 and PAR-36

Reference PAR-121 Model CV4USB

RS-485/RS-232 converter for central to Pc connection (up to 300 meters)

Reference PAR-68 Model HUB2

Hub and Bus Isolator. Compatible with SPECTRA PLUS and EVO

Reference PAR-59 Model ZX1

1-Zone Expansion Module

Reference PAR-8 Model ZX8

8 zone expansion module (16 zones with ATZ function) + 1 PGM output. Grade 3

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