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Reference NOTIFIER-273 Model EPS40-1

Pressure switch for monitoring liquids or gases housed in pipes or tanks at high or low pressure (40-100PSI), with circuit switched with voltage-free contacts (C / NA / NC).

Reference NOTIFIER-272 Model EPS10-1

Pressure switch for monitoring low pressure liquids (10PSI).

Reference FOC-702 Model FOC-702

Auxiliary extinguishing PCB for Sigma system. 2-wire serial connection. Up to 7 plates per system. Voltage-free relay outputs for fire status and system release. Relay LED indicators. Served in a red box. UL864 and FM listings.

Reference FOC-636 Model KB91000M10

Sigma XT + extinguishing system abortion button for surface installation.

Reference FOC-635 Model K13470M10

Sigma XT + extinguishing system abort pushbutton for surface / recessed installation.

Reference FOC-634 Model K1823-10

Sigma A-XT extinguishing abort switch for surface installation. Red color.

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