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Reference FOC-206 Model PH.MN.004.V3

Replacement of 4-zone fire control circuit. Paradox HELLAS.

Reference FOC-345 Model FOC-345

Combined thermal and photoelectric analog detector

Reference DEM-292 Model DEM-292

Push-button for firefighting trigger. It complies with EN-12094-3 standard. Yellow colour

Reference FOC-218 Model FOC-218

Fire metal fire canopy of low consumption. 24V CC /28mA. Loud and clear 90dB/m sound. Long life motor. Dimensions Ø92,5 x 50 mm. Weight 450g

Reference FOC-253 Model SCI-5

NITTAN isolation circuit mounted on STB-4 analog base. One must be installed every 30-35 detectors

Reference FOC-248 Model MCM-AS3

Addressable NITTAN module of one supervised zone. For the connection of conventional detectors one NO/NC relay output and one OP user output. Maximum external power supply required, 24Vcc. Compatible protocol with AFP fire

Reference FOC-242 Model ST-H2-AS

NITTAN thermovelocimetric analog detector. Low energy consumption in inactive mode. (LED) indicator of detector status. Remote alarm indicator output. Maximum temperature activation at 80°C

Reference FOC-267 Model CP8/SER2C

Cable connection to computer for local Winfire software and FOC-261 station - Cable connection to computer for local Winfire software and FOC-261 station

Reference FOC-235 Model AFP707

C-TEC programming software and cable for AF analog stations, FOC-231 and FOC-232 models. Required for the station programming by computer with Windows Operative System, W95, W98 or W2000.

Reference DEM-99 Model DEM-99

Glass replacement for DEM-98 push buttons - Glass replacement for DEM-98 push buttons

Reference FOC-214 Model MA.MRS.32

RS-232 interconnection module for connection of PARADOX HELLAS central stations with repeaters and management software

Reference FOC-203 Model MA.MRO.04

Repeater for micro process engineered PARADOX HELLAS fire central station of 4 zones. The FOC-214 module is required in the central station.

Reference FOC-229 Model MATRIX-016

Micro process engineered PARADOX HELLAS fire detection central station of 16 zones. Power supply and charger. According to EN-54 standard, parts 2 and 4. One supervision output and siren trigger

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