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Reference NOTIFIER-382 Model F-81212N

Metal cable gland for reinforced cable. NPT thread 3/4.

Reference NOTIFIER-381 Model S777163

Accessory designed to protect the detector from rain, snow and high temperatures of solar radiation.

Reference NOTIFIER-380 Model S777650

Accessory designed to protect the flame detector by means of a compressed air shield to prevent the accumulation of dirt in the detector window in dirty environments.

Reference NOTIFIER-377 Model S40/40I

IR3 flame detector (triple infrared)

Reference NOTIFIER-376 Model S40/40L4B

Hydrocarbons Flame detector with built-in automatic test

Reference NOTIFIER-374 Model S40/40LB

Flame detector with built-in test

Reference NOTIFIER-372 Model S40/40UB

UV flame detector with built-in test

Reference NOTIFIER-369 Model S20/20-005

Stainless steel swivel stand for compact dectors

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