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Reference GE-175 Model GS331

Tester for performance check (not reach) of detector GE-100 (GS110)

Reference GE-125 Model FE310

Stainless steel electromagnetic lock

Reference GE-97 Model HB191

Personal attack switch - single button

Reference GE-109 Model MRW02-N

Power supply 230V AC for microwaves barriers MRW series

Reference GE-95 Model DD105

Dual technology volumetric detector

Reference GE-96 Model 360FM

Built-in accessory for GE-2 and GE-8 detectors

Reference GE-6 Model DD100PI

Double technology detector, mirror lens with pet immunity up to 20kg. EN50131 Grade 2

Reference GE-66 Model VM653P

Spacer for locks for VM652P, 5mm

Reference GE-8 Model EV669

18-Curtain Ceiling Mount Detector, 360 Degree 2

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