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Reference HYU-141 Model HYU-141

LED bulb via radio for Smart4Home systems

Reference HYU-76 Model HYU-76

Intelligent socket with consumption calculation

Reference HYU-77 Model HYU-77

Intelligent socket with intensity regulator

Reference HYU-75 Model HYU-75

Intelligent socket for Smart4Home systems

Reference HYU-72 Model HYU-72

Smoke detector via radio for Smart4Home systems

Reference HYU-70 Model HYU-70

Outdoor solar siren via radio

Reference HYU-68 Model HYU-68

Remote push button via radio for Smart4Home system

Reference HYU-67 Model HYU-67

Magnetic contact via radio for Smart4Home systems

Reference HYU-66 Model HYU-66

PIR sensor via radio for Smart4Home systems

Reference HYU-69 Model HYU-69

Indoor voice siren for Smart4Home system

Reference HYU-74 Model HYU-74

WiFi IP compact camera for Smart4Home systems, with IR illumination and PIR sensos. H.264. 1MP@30 fps. Microphone and speaker. MicroSD slot. Onvif. 220V AC (power supply included).

Reference HYU-65 Model HYU-65

Smart4Home kit composed by: IP station control (sold separately), 720p IP camera HYU-74, indoor voice siren HYU-69, PIR detector HYU-66, magnetic contact HYU-67, remote push HYU-68, Hyundai Smart4Home software

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